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i'm also looking for any new info on angelica; i'd appreciate any contributions! citing you as my source still applies.

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Anonymous said: no news?

sorry for the lack of updates, been super busy! here is a submission from a fan. thank you kelly! 


Angelica is actually in Mallorca with some of her new friends: max cocking, louisa rose, kate gowing.. then she’s going to ibiza with her cousin iris and her friend lola fruitmann. she’s plan to go at sonar festival in barcelona with her childhood friends from bath like: louisa, alexandra, rebecca, amelia, emily…


If there are any questions, comments, or concerns in which you would like to have your identity known (if you perhaps, do not have tumblr) then email me at amfans.tumblr@gmail.com

this would most likely apply to those whose pictures I have, and would like credit for or taken down. 

Anonymous said: You know legally you're not allowed to put a watermark on images you don't own, and without permission from Angelica herself, you're not even allowed to upload her images anywhere else on the internet. Pictures of a celebrity, it's hard to maintain.... but what you're doing is pathetic, and mildly illegal. People like you are the only thing I can see benefiting from SOPA passing, and I wish it did just so you can't steal photos that don't belong to you.

Ah yes. I figured I’d receive one of these sooner or later. Angelica has messaged the creators of her fansites telling them that she was fine with having her pictures there, so as long as they took down the ones that she or her family and friends did not want up. I am still in contact with the creators of those sites and since I don’t have a contact email here, I’m sure she’d inform them and they would in turn, tell me. And I’d willingly take down the site if it came to that. And I put watermarks to keep fakers from using them in their profiles. They’re the sad ones, to be honest. And on the side bar, I clearly indicated that I do not claim ownership over these pictures; that they belong to their respective photographers, owners, etc. Perhaps I will create an email for this site, so that I can be easily contacted. And if you, anon, are one of the owners of these pictures, then I apologize. I really am sorry if this has caused you trouble. I shall be posting the new email to this site if you wish to contact me there. And as always, I will keep every last detail of your identity confidential. 

About 8 hours ago, Oliver Kember, director of photography for ‘The End’ has announced that the film was premiering in 2 hours. So if my math is correct, 8 hours ago = 6am PST. And 2 hours ago = 8 am PST. The premiere took place in SoHo, New York, at around 11 am EST. Haha. That was confusing. But math and technicalities aside, the The End has finally been released on February 11th! Hopefully we can expect the trailer and clips in the near future. Pictures from sound mixing and such have been found of Angelica, so be sure to check back here for updates! 

i don’t know why i decided to title that in french. hmm. anyways, en anglais, thank you very much for your submissions! you know who you are ;) i shall be adding them soon, as well as a ton more which i haven’t gotten around to tagging. ha. procrastination is quite obviously my weakness. and i give into it every single time. anyway, here’s one that i did tag and one out of the many which will be uploaded. 

PS. I’ll change the theme soon. It’s looking rather “tumblr newbie” to me as of right now…haha. 

By the way, I’ve been giving it some thought. Should I move back to the blogspot site? There, people can comment on pictures and such. However, I will admit that I do prefer tumblr, for the mere sake that I enjoy playing around with themes and such. Do give me your input, it’ll be much appreciated.

Currently, director Fred Rowson of ‘The End’ is searching for Soho screening rooms for a private premiere of the film! (As of January 27) We can anticipate a close release :)

Some interesting tidbits on Angelica’s early life:

From June 1994 to January 1998, Angelica, her mother Wendy and half sister Jesse lived in France. From January 1998 to probably about 1999-2000, their family lived in Kenya. This can account for the pictures found of Angelica in school in Kenya. 

I am extremely sorry for the lengthy hiatus. now, onto updates! A new trailer of The End was set to be released during January, although there has not been any further news from the short film’s director, Fred Rowson. on January 5th, there was some ADR recording done with the various actors and actresses, including Angelica.  We can anticipate a new trailer and hopefully the movie’s release within a few months! As for Angelica her self, she has not done anything movie related since, and has just attended various parties with friends in London. 

I probably won’t be using the AM fansite on blogspot anymore. 

Anonymous said: Great site. Keep up the good work

Bryar x

THANK YOU! on haitus for now though :$

Seeing how the new site hasn’t been updated yet, I thought I’d just post it here.

As first posted by Karma and Bryar at http://twitter.com/#!/angelicamandy Angelica has had  a role in a short film called ‘The End.’ Her role is as Frankie, a love interest to the main character!

See the interview here ! http://scaryideas.com/content/24213/

It’s great to see Angelica back into acting and this is great news to all of her fans!


I’ve decided to move the whole site over to blogspot. I won’t delete this tumblr, just for memory’s sake. I’m gonna have to re-tag pictures with the new url (which i will post soon) and once I get some pictures up and I have the whole site looking nice I will make some formal announcements about it. The reason I want to move the site is so that other fans will be able to comment on pictures or updates (which they can’t do on tumblr, unless they have one) as well as the fact that a lot of people (not all, but a lot!) who have been liking or reblogging my posts are spam or pornographic websites. And I don’t want that sort of image to be linked with my fansite. So yes, my Angelica Mandy fansite will be moved for sure, and check back with this tumblr for more updates on this!


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